Monday, November 1, 2010

☠ Yaaaaarn, Matey ☠

Being Mom and working with yarn. It's what I do. Right now I have a plethora of projects in the works. Yes, a plethora. 

Took a second stab at crocheted fingerless gloves. The first one made, I was lovingly told it  "feels like I"m wearing a cast"  :/
So much for that one. Back to square one I went. Found a pattern on etsy. Suprisingly, it was a pattern that actually allowed the buyer of the pattern to sell the products made from that pattern. I just can't sell the pattern. Good deal to me.  I still have to make the second glove. I've made two, but I didn't like the first one. I used a yarn that ended up being scratchy, and I didn't like certain things the pattern told me to do. So, I went back and edited what I didn't care for. Huzzah!

♡  Still working (slowly) on my first pair of knit socks. 
♡  Knitting beanies and crocheting bunnies ( all of which need to be finished by weeks end). Eeek!

Other works not pictured: 
♡ Giant crochet unicorn 
♡ Crochet giraffe (but you can see the yarn that will be the giraffe :D )


Here is something that I HAVE finished!   Black N' Pink 'Skully Bones' Beanie (Adult Size). There is a second Skully on the opposite side of the beanie & she is just as sweet :D


I've spent enough time blogging. Back to work!


  1. i still haven't jumped on board the crochet train! my hands get confused when i attempt it, & i end up using my left pointer finger as a knitting needle... & the next thing i know, i'm not really crocheting any longer. HA

    über doober excited to see this giraffe that you speak of!

  2. Lol I love them both, and a lot of times I try to Incorporate them into the same project. Doesn't always work out so well LOL

    I'll try posting some pics of the giraffe as I'm making him...or her. :D

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