Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Halloween, This is Halloween... (Late, I know)

The eternal procrastinator. That's me. I am she.

Anyhoo, Here a few pictures from our Halloween evening.
(Note: There are no pics of the Hubz. He doesn't care for being in photos. I feel like such a dummy. I forgot to bring my camera that night, so all of our Halloween pics are on her camera. These are the few I shot on my phone)

We have Young Frankenstein here. He had been playing with the glow sticks, and just got busted! 
You're not as innocent as you look, Kiddo ;-)  

Where does Captain America feel the safest? Apparently, It's Nana's lap that is the place. He 
flat-out-refused to wear his mask. I guess he felt the need to reveal his true, messy head identity.

 I was sitting down on the floor, talking to my sister when she took this pic of me. I was just 
clowning around that night. I wish the shot was a little higher so you could see the tiny red bowler I crocheted.

 This is the really cool pumpkin my sister carved, 
Recognize him  :oD

This is the pumpkin I carved. Gross, Isn't it?! I love it!!! The Hubz found a picture of one of these 
last year right after Halloween. Wishing we had seen it earlier, he said "Let's remember to do this
next year."  Thankfully, He reminded me before I hacked it to bits.

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