Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year, Same Ol' Me

Well, Hola Amigos! Hope you're having a wonderful year so far. - Ok, so we're a little over a week into the new year, but a girl can be optimistic, right?

I've been trying to come down off of the holiday high. You know, the world draped in lights and the smell of scotch tape; Christmas trees and endless baked goods. We all got sick after Christmas, so that hasn't been a whole lot of fun. All the coughing , runny noses, tissues blanketing every available surface ... makes me wonder why we even got flu shots! At least I now have that cool lounge singer sexy voice. Look out, Kathleen Turner

  December 31st, we did have to take a trip to the emergency room because we thought one of the boys broke his foot. Ended up being a bad sprain. He wore a plaster splint for a little less than a week. He's fine now. Wouldn't know a thing is wrong with him. Kids are crazy resilient. I would still be milking that injury.

So, I know resolutions are cliche, and a lot of people think "What's the point?", but I'm going to make a few anyway.

This year, these are just some of the things I would like to accomplish:
  •  publish at least one original pattern. 
  • Become more organized 
  • De-Clutter my house 
  • Finish projects I start - or have started in the past that need completing.
  • be more optimistic
  • make and post items in my Etsy shop 
Whew ! Just tying that out took a lot out of me. Lol  -- Also, I want to get my lato fixed because I have no working letter "p" on my keyboard and the top row with all my numbers and symbols don't work , so I constantly have to copy and paste everything - or wait for spell check to catch it. That can get very annoying, very fast.

What are your thoughts on resolutions? Did you make any?