Monday, August 8, 2011


Jessica (aka @defysocietyarts) and I go way back - A little more than 10 years. There were periods of time where we didn't speak , mostly because we had different circles of friends. Over the last few years, She and I have become very close , sister-like in fact. She's my bestie!

Now, Don't let the fact that I know her stop you from reading this. Jessica is an amazing human being, who is talented, intelligent, gorgeous, and full of heart. She cares like no one I've ever met before. Truly cares. She is the ultimate friend.


1. Tell the people a  little about yourself (tee hee.. "the people")

I'm 28.  I have 3 dogs, 3 cats.  I'd love to have more animals but eh, it's what they legally allow in the city limits, and it's pretty much all we can afford.  I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, pretty much consider myself married.  I love reading, writing, painting, crocheting anything crafty.  I spend most of my time with my family and of course, you. ((♥))  Oh and I'm pretty sarcastic on occasion.

2. What are your earliest memories of crafting? 

I have actually been crafting since I was a wee one.  My ma always taught me to think of everyone and to give everyone something because it was always the thought that counted.  So, I would make people gifts outta popsicle sticks, toiled paper rolls, pipe cleaners... you name it.  My Gramma still has a pair of "binoculars" I made for her when I was like 5 outta toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners LoL

3. What inspires you to create? 

I get inspiration from everything.  However, You have been my biggest inspiration for crocheting and knitting.  I never would have learned to crochet or knit if it weren't for you. ((♥)) I always wanted to but never had anyone to do it with and Stitchin' and Bitchin' isn't as fun by yourself!  There is only so much of your own voice that one can handle.

4. What things have you learned about yourself through knitting and crocheting? 

I've actually learned that I can be pretty patient.  When I screw up and have to redo something that I just spent two hours on, it can be frustrating, but I've learned to get over it and it just makes me better.  I'm not typically a patient person but when it comes to crafting, you sometimes need lotsa patience.

5. Is there a project you would love to do, but at the moment would seem too overwhelming? 

I would LOVE to knit a pair of socks!  I know that doesnt sound like something too hard to some people, but I havent really been working on my knitting too much, I've only been crocheting and knitting for 2 years and for the last year and a half I havent been knitting much, I've been more focused on crocheting and trying to get that more polished. I still havent learned to knit in the round or use double sided needles, so that will come in the future, for now, I'm sticking with crocheting and I'm happy that I know how to do a stockinette stitch finally.

6. When you have faced difficulties in your life, What has been your inspiration to keep going? 

This might sound silly but... my pets.  Hahaha! They make me smile.  When I had my surgery in December, the last thought before I was knocked out was my Jasper.  His smiling face caused me to have happy thoughts throughout the surgery.  When I have a crappy day at work, I know I can come home to their adorable little faces, and they will cuddle with me and kiss me and love me unconditionally.

7. What do you hope to accomplish as an artist in the next year? 

I hope to polish my skills a little more and get a little (ok a lot) faster so I can do more.  Also, I want more time.  So I'd like to learn how to make more of that :)

8. Aside from the basic necessities, Name 3 things you couldn't live without.
Yarn.  Paint.  Lime Popsicles.

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