Monday, October 18, 2010

Chain, Chain, Chain : Chain of fools

I like making beanies. Really, I do. I like knitting them. I think I'm a little to "heavy handed" when it comes to crocheting beanies. They end up being like helmets instead of malleable head-wear. Maybe I just haven't found the right yarn.

Any-hoo. Working on a things at the moment.

-Toddler Boy Beanie ( A little basket stitch number)
-Newborn Boy Beanie (Striped- Made me think of Dr. Seuss)  
- A great big crochet unicorn.

This unicorn, is awesome. I made one several months ago. My friend Leslie asked me to make one for her Mom, who collects unicorns. Found a pattern I thought was cute, and ZOOM.... I was off.
Now, What I didn't anticipate what the finished size of the unicorn. If she had size listed in the pattern, I didn't see it.
I have a picture I need to dig up to show you this, but a finished leg is approximately 1.75 soda cans high. Another way of looking at it would be, it's the size of a Smurf. Who, for those of you who remember, is 3 apples tall. Of course, they never said what kind of apples they were, but for arguments' sake, we'll assume Red Delicious.

I can show you some finished pics of the finished unicorn.

She's pretty, ain't she?

If you want to give it a go, and make one yourself, here's a link to the pattern : Horse/Unicorn Pattern

I don't have any pics of the current WIP, but once I take some, I'll post 'em.

Until next time!
Happy Crafting! :D

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