Saturday, October 16, 2010

Arr two dee two + a big thank you = Gratuity

My friend Leslie sent me a messge a some weeks ago, asking if there was a way I could find a pattern for an R2D2 beanie. Her boyfriend' birthday was coming up, and she wanted to get him something really cool. Knowing that I am an frequent knitter and crocheter, she asked for my help. She crochets, but she's been working on this MONSTER of a blanket the last few years, and has yet to work on anything else. I don't blame her. This blanket gives new meaning to the word "huge"

Any-hoo, Did some searching and I found this: R2D2 beanie  from Carrissa Knits. Totally blown away, since I've only been knitting for around a year. Decided to suck it up, and give it a try. I've only worked with circular needles once before, and had just tackled the task of trying to use double pointed needles. Even though I was so scared this would come out looking crap, I embraced the fact that I would have to push myself to get this done.

I practiced doing duplicate stitch on some beanies I made for family members, since that was another thing the pattern asked.

Scary as it was, I finished it. Ended up making most if through a Star Wars marathon. Really, 75% of it was made watching Return of the Jedi because the boys liked it, and didn't mind that it was on. :D

Out of the few friends I have that knit/crochet, Leslie is one of two people that have inspired me to push my craft to a place I never imagined I would be. I mean, I learned how to knit/crochet from a book less than 3 years ago for heaven's sake. LOL Totally blows my mind every time I think about it. 

Big HUGE Thank You's to Jessica and Leslie
....For constantly pushing me to be a better artist. 
Love you bunches

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  1. THANK YOU! Thank you for getting me into this! I wouldnt be where I am if it werent for you my darling!