Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's In a name ...

As you can probably tell, I have changed the name of my blog. 

Tried to pick something to appeal to my crafty side, and my love of pirate culture. It's to coincide with the soon-to-be relaunch of my etsy shop. I know, I know... I keep talking about it. You surely can understand! Life has gotten in the way. Trying as hard as I can to stick to my commitment to myself to get listings up on etsy A S A P.

Other than that, I've been reading. A LOT. Over the last 5 days, I've read 4 books.

    An awesome trilogy. Young adult books, yes - but they are nowhere NEAR a "light read".

    A novel by the Crafty Chica. Great book!
    It's been a whirlwind of words. I tend to be a bit of a speed reader. I mean, c'mon! I need to be a speed reader with two small boys in the house.  Why am I talking about books when this is my craft blog? Well, writing is a craft. Plain and simple.

    Speaking of books and the 'Hunger Games' , I need to be off. My sister and I are going to see the movie. I'm excited! Successfully read the entire first book last Thursday,  and finished the last book today. Ha! Makes sense that I should celebrate by criticizing the movie.
              I kid! I kid!
    Seriously. I won't do that.

    This has been a mini blog post, brought to you by fal00la. lol

    What do YOU think of the new layout, and name?

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    1. Love the new name & the look! It's definitely perfect for a craft-lovin' pirate gal like yourself.

      So glad you have come back to the land of blogging!