Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks

So, this post isn't about Pan!c At the Disco, or my uncontrollable love for this song... It's about something Even COOLER!!
Now for some backstory before we continue on! 

If there is anything you need to know about me, it's that for as long as I can remember - I've been a nail biter. I've tried it all to stop the habit :
  • Liquid pepper, sour apple (which I both find very tasty)
  • Press-On/Glue-On Nails: They work, but I get sick satisfaction when ripping them off (I'm disgusting. I know) 
  • Acrylic Nails: This has worked for a LONG time, until the last time I got them done - They got infected and I realized... I can't function as a normal human being with them on (even if they make my hands look downright sexy) 
So, Now... I'm trying to quit cold turkey. The only thing that seems  to be working is keeping them short, and constantly painted.

About a week ago, my sister showed me a video that rocked my freakin' world.  Do yourself a favor and watch the video.

Must. Have. This! 

My sister bought couple of these, and I got to see them today up-close and personal. She was at work, so I took a few minutes and tried it out for mah-self.

Not too shabby for a first attempt

  I was sitting on my parents bathroom floor with a small metal plate, a few jars of nail polish, a scraper thing, a stamper and some Q-tips. As innocent as all of it looked, the act of it made me feel like a total druggie. Of course, it may have just been the nail polish fumes...

 *Couple quick things: You can order all this stuff from (They offer free shipping to the US and Canada on orders more than $20)  or check out (Pretty sure you can find some excellent deals there, too)
* With these stamps you can use ANY BRAND of nail polish... Even cheapie 99 cent, drug store stuff :D Total bonus
(Seriously, I should be getting some free swag for promoting this stuff- hahaha!)


  1. I have seen those. ooooh. So far, my forefinger on my lef thad glue on nail keeps popping off, but I'm on day two of them. I love ripping them off too. So bad.

  2. They look effin' adorable! I never have to worry about biting my nails anymore, cos they are always chipping. *laughs* They BEG to be bit. hehe I wonder if I possibly had a jade/seafoam green nail polish if they would stop actin' the fool!

    Way to be awesome, Steph!

  3. That looks like so much fun, I love how they came out!

  4. 1. super cute
    2. that seems like a TON of work. and kinda wasteful (scraping the excess of the plate x10)
    3. konad... really? didn't anyone in the marketing dept hear the word "gonad"? cause that's all I heard.